Welcome to BodyTalk Tahoe!

BodyTalk is the integration of western medical expertise with the energy dynamics of the proven philosophies of acupuncture, chiropractic, and osteopathic practices, as well as the clinical findings of applied kinesiology. This revolutionary form of alternative health care is a gentle, yet powerful system of repairing and enhancing the body systems by increasing the communication between systems.

Similar to an iceberg where only ten percent is exposed, often our symptoms are expressed as the visible manifestation of a much larger imbalance or trauma stored in the body. Rather than treat the symptom, the effectiveness and simplicity of BodyTalk lies in healing the root cause. This is facilitated by determining the exact sequence and priority of rebalancing, thus reestablishing a new level of homeostasis, or balance.

You are invited to explore this dynamic system. Come experience the excitement of why so many professional health care providers under the umbrella of western medicine are implementing BodyTalk into their practices.