“I believe BodyTalk is a wonderful tool in the area of body work.  To me it seems like it hits the reset button and helps my body remember how to heal itself.  I felt it really helped relieve my acute vestibular vertigo, as well as chronic back pain as a result of a compression fracture.

During my sessions, I felt my body releasing toxins and pain. It was amazing to see Brooke pinpoint my trouble spots without letting her know exactly where I hurt.  I feel everybody could benefit from this, especially athletes or anyone who uses their body to the fullest.” - A true believer, Shannon Owens

"As a massage therapist, business owner, and full time yoga teacher, receiving BodyTalk with Brooke Butler is one of the most rejuvenating and balancing experiences I have had in my, sometimes hectic, life.  On Brooke's table, with her incredible Reiki skills, I feel not only grounded and nourished, but completely restored, rebalanced, and reenergized. BodyTalk truly encompasses a variety of healing modalities and blends them into an amazing and effective form of bodywork that works incredibly well." - Shaelah Morris

"I had experienced many different types of energy medicine in the past, but BodyTalk has been the most effective.  I've always felt that my body contained the wisdom within it for healing but never knew how to access that wisdom.  I needed someone to bring me closer to this awareness.  Brooke was that person and BodyTalk is the tool.  She picked up on an imbalance with my adrenals, which was later confirmed through a medical test.  I am now feeling balance returning to my body.  A BodyTalk session with Brooke is a gentle yet powerful experience not to be missed! " -J.O.

“Last summer I had a very traumatic experience.  My partner was in a near fatal accident, and literally fought for his life in the hospital for over three weeks.  Daily the doctors gave us bad news, and they didn’t think he would make it.  He did make it however, and is now nearly 100% recovered.  Because the whole incident was so painful, I was dealing with some post-traumatic stress issues.  One specific issue was that every time I heard an ambulance I would panic (I had heard the ambulance that picked my partner up after his accident).  I was also feeling like I had a lot of baggage from the incident that I wanted help letting go of.  We were moving soon, and I wanted a fresh start.  One BodyTalk session with Brooke was all I needed, and the physical and mental panic associated with the ambulance was almost completely gone.  I still thought about my partner when I heard an ambulance, but in a very calm manner, without the physical and mental anxiety.  Overall I felt more balanced, less fatigued, and (most importantly) more like myself again.  Brooke is wonderful, caring, very attentive to clients, and extremely knowledgeable regarding the body and healing.  I would highly recommend a BodyTalk session with her.” –K.C

“I have been going through a 6 month challenging time. A lot of "stuff" has been coming up for me to allow healing. And while I know this is good, it has also been very painful at times. My most recent session with Brooke was the breakthrough point. On the third day after our session, which was by phone, I woke up feeling like a new person: my joy and excitement of life was back, but in a way that felt like a new dimension. As though I had been lifted up into a whole new way of being. It is now two weeks later, and each day has been a new experience for me. I feel as though a veil has lifted and like I stepped out of my old life and into a new one - one that I like very much. And yes, my physical complaints have greatly diminished as well.

The kind of healing that Brooke does is very deep and thorough. She allows my spirit to "talk" to her and she follows the thread through the whole session. It's like putting a large puzzle together - each piece that gets put in place adds to the whole, and finally you reach that place where the last few pieces go very fast and the picture is complete. Healing is a process and as with all processes, sometimes progress seems slow and trust is required. And then the breakthrough comes and it is fantastic. I encourage each of you to trust the process and heed your body's wisdom, which speaks to a true healer, such as Brooke.” - N.M., Nevada City, CA

“Brooke is a gifted, intuitive healer who uses the BodyTalk System to bring to the conscious what was unconscious in our body, mind, emotions, and spirit.  A healing then takes place to clear the negativity, thus creating optimum overall health.  I have been receiving Bodytalk from Brooke for years and find it helps me during my difficult transitions in life.” – Rebecca Kinelski

“I have known Brooke since she began her training in BodyTalk. I have experienced her work evolve very quickly and she always amazes me!  I have been blessed to receive many sessions from her, and I can honestly say I am ALWAYS in awe at her level of precision.  Her ability to go right to the Core of an issue I may be deeply experiencing….when I think to myself, this is never going to change… and with a couple of links, I experience immediate relief.  She has the ability to gracefully take you through the eye of the storm. I have been involved in the natural healing arts for 26 years and I can say from experience that BodyTalk is the most graceful and result oriented healing modality I know of. Quantum healing at is best!” -L.I.

“My experiences with Bodytalk began when Brooke first began her training.  I was already seeing her for Reiki sessions, but when she began to incorporate what she was learning from Bodytalk, her energy medicine and healing talents became more enriched, more profound, and her results more pronounced.  At first, I did not understand the "language" of her Bodytalk sessions, but I knew that energy was being moved and aligned somehow on a deep level.  When I think about it now, it makes sense that it would have seemed somewhat "incomprehensible" because, through the unique techniques of Bodytalk, Brooke is able to facilitate restored communication between blocked energy systems in the body.  She literally gets the body, mind, and spirit to "talk" to each other so that healing on all those levels can take place!

The results for me have included the disappearance of persistent eczema which I had suffered on and off for many years. I now have eautiful skin and am never plagued with even the slightest patches anywhere.  I had also suffered from a mild but chronic case of acne for most of my adult years, but since my BodyTalk sessions they too have disappeared.  I have developed an overall sense of well-being and have found that I am much more in tune with the balance that is required for my own body/mind/spirit health.  My intuition has deepened so that the sessions no longer seem "incomprehensible."  I see the connections that Brooke conveys about how my thoughts, my traumas, and my physical ailments (past and present) correspond to each other and how Bodytalk helps to restore harmony between them all.  Bodytalk is truly a remarkable and holistic approach to maintaining the overall health of my being!” - K.B

“Brooke Butler’s knowledge of the body, dedication to healing, and continual study of BodyTalk makes her an excellent practitioner.  Brooke looks at the body, mind, and spirit in order to make connections between body systems.  The result of connecting these links often has profound therapeutic effects on the body and the way you feel.  BodyTalk is an avant-garde technique of examining what’s going on inside of us.  Brooke’s passion for spreading this method puts her at the forefront of the way we think about healing.” –J.L.

"BodyTalk has been an amazing experience. I approached it with a very open mind, but very little expectation and the results have completely blown me away. Brooke encompasses the perfect combination of knowledge and extraordinary intuition. She truly possesses the power to heal. Through the BodyTalk modality (and Reiki), Brooke uses her skills to help your body find it's balance-physically, emotionally, and spiritually. My experience with Brooke and BodyTalk have been life changing." - S.S.